“I have been seeing Jodie on an off for several years now, reconnecting whenever I have felt that I am not living my best life. Most recently, I reconnected when I was found unsuitable for an executive level position I had been working in for some time. My confidence had taken a hit and I was struggling in my role and in myself to continue moving forward. I began working with Jodie again, to increase my confidence and identify strengthens within myself that I thought we were lost. Over time my confidence and drive increased and I felt purpose come back to my position. My boss noticed the changed and gave me more and more opportunities to prove that I am a capable leader. Working on my confidence levels and with Jodie’s encouragement, I applied for other roles outside of my organisation to increase my interview skills. When roles within my organisation were advertised again (a year later for context) I approached the interview very differently and left with a feeling of accomplishment. A few months later I was found successful in the recruitment and now own my position permanently. I am continuing working with Jodie to help my leadership ability and increase myself believe in other areas of my life. After this I am sure Jodie will remain my first point of call for my next challenge in life. I would recommend Jodie to anyone who is looking for a bit of extra help in any areas of your life.”