“There are a few people you meet on your lifetime journey that have an influence on how you can approach your wellbeing and be resilient in a positive way during times of change. Jodie is one of them and was a delight to work with in getting our online event up and running all over Australia.

Jodie is extremely passionate and has the ability to transform, lead and coach her audience to appreciate and feel good about what she is presenting. Loved her good vibe and bubbly personality. She’s a breath of fresh air and delivered an engaging, relevant, and inspiring event.

This can be difficult to master when you are presenting wellbeing to an online audience around Australia, especially when you cannot see their faces. We finished the event feeling energized, in a positive frame of mind and with a big smile on our faces. The audience’s comments support her charming personality: “The best webinar I have attended. Jodie was fantastic and absolutely enjoyed her presentation and plenty of take-home moments. Thanks for putting this on during such a difficult year.”