Kindness Crew – A new idea for your advent calendar


Jodie Cooper and Stephanie Meades developed the kindness calendar in 2016 as a simple way to promote kindness in schools, homes and workplaces. Together they formed the Kindness Crew and are on a mission to make kindness a priority in the lead up to Christmas.

calendar iconEach calendar has 24 Random Acts of Kindness to be ticked off in the lead up to Christmas that are designed around Schools, Homes or Workplaces. Simply download a calendar to get started.

The intention behind the calendar is to inspire random acts of kindness and to start conversations around kindness that help to shift our mindset around what’s important. As our lives become increasingly busy it’s challenging to focus on what matters most, and we think that the kindness calendar is a great way to bring our focus back to kindness. We believe Kindness matters!

We hope you’re inspired, because we’re super excited to see just how far and wide we can spread kindness. Together, we can create and inspire more kindness and we believe that kindness has the power to change our world for the better!

For more info and to get involved check out