The Full Story


Having grown her own coaching and presenting business over the last 18 years, Jodie Cooper has become an expert on positive psychology. Success to Jodie is living each day to its fullest and making the moments count. She has a master’s in positive psychology, loves hiking, snow boarding, yoga, surfing, running and pretty much anything outdoors.  Jodie’s hiked the Kokoda trail, spent three years travelling Australia and brings enthusiasm and positivity to everything she does. Jodie and her little side kick, Oliver, are on a mission to make the world a better place, one person at a time.

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2022: Traveled Australia - Three years hiking gorges, watching stars, paddling rivers, climbing mountains and swimming with dolphins. To say it was an epic adventure is a massive understatement.
2020: A gap in our 'Gap Year' and the beginning of a community wellbeing project.
2019: Completed my Masters in applied positive psychology and began our Lap of Australia.
2017: Nurturing Santosha, the balance between progress and contentment
2016: Founded the 'Kindness Crew.' A social initiative to promote kindness in workplaces, schools and homes
2015: Completed Diploma of Positive Psychology (and found my tribe)
2013: Steadily built my speaking and coaching business up working part time
2011 & 2012: Laura & Dylan born
2009: Wrote & published Bringing Happiness Home
2008: Married Sean in Koh Samui, Thailand
2005: Started Coaching diploma & coaching business
2002: International working holiday. Snowboarding in Whistler. USA Summer Camp in Malibu as a Riding Instructor & Cocktail Waitress in Scottish Highlands
2001: Marketing Manager, Aussie Glass Solutions and my first exposure to business coaching
2000: Graduated from University of Wollongong (Commerce) & Duntroon (Australian Army Reserves Officer Training)
2000: Hiked the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea
1997: Officially survived high school... just.
1995: Attended Sandy MacGregor's motivational course and discovered optimism and goal setting
1984: Dragged kicking and screaming to Kindy
Born 1979