Can we slow down time?

slow down time

Laura (my little girl) was recently one, and I can’t tell you how many times people said to me “doesn’t time fly, before you know it she’ll be 18 and moving out.” Well, it got me thinking, what is it that makes time fly, is it simply perspective? Looking back on 18 years it will all be squished into miniscule memories, snap shots and the odd video. So perhaps then it will seem that it has gone quickly.

slow down timeOr, my more inexperienced opinion, that time can’t really fly. There are 24 hours in a day so it neither can speed up or slow down. People often live with a feeling they are rushed, stressed and flat out and simply don’t spend their time deliberatly. The first year of Laura’s life has genuinely felt like the longest yet. (Not just because of the screaming and dirty nappies.) Never in my life have I had so much time to simply play and get lost in the moment. Noticing birds flying by, the shimmer of a leaf or just laughing as Benson, our cockerspaniel, races around in circles.

Then I got to thinking of my 20’s and it certainly didn’t fly by. It was an amazing time and I can now only remenber those snippets, which I’m sure will get more grey and distant with time, but it didn’t fly by. I think perhaps it’s more about choosing how you live consciously and enjoying all the possible moments. When life is filled with those moments it doesn’t feel like it flys by.

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