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Prioritising Health: Wellbeing Habits for a Busy Wonder Woman

In a world that often feels like a sh!tstorm of responsibilities, it’s easy for the modern professional woman (that’s you and me) to not be prioritising health. Unfortunately, this week I’ve fallen into this trap. (Yes, seriously, after 18 years, you’d think I’d know better.) But we’re all learning together…

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Why Hope is Essential and How to Nurture It 5 _Jodie Cooper _ positive psychology coaching online wollongong
Why Hope is Essential and How to Nurture It in Our Complex Modern Society

In our fast-paced, complex modern society, hope is essential. Perhaps, more essential than it’s ever been before. I’ve been reading Humanity’s Moment by Joëlle Gergis, which is a climate scientists case for hope. It’s terrifying and optimistic. Devastating and inspiring. Overwhelming and exciting. To say there’s some conflicting emotions as…

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Elevate Your Success: Executive Coaching in Wollongong with Jodie Cooper

In today’s fast paced and demanding professional world, the need for executive coaching has never been more critical. The challenges and pressures faced by professionals are continually growing, making it essential to manage stress, rebuild confidence, and achieve a better work life balance. Jodie Cooper’s executive coaching program in Wollongong…

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What is iGen? – And how can we help them?

What is iGen? They are the generation born in 1995 and later. They grew up with the Internet and could swipe before they could walk. Unlike any generation before them they have had unlimited access to the internet and have been shaped by this engagement with devices. I’ve recently read…

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Practicing Self Compassion – to rebuild confidence

Practicing self compassion may well be one of the most important things you do this year. Too many people focus on what they do wrong, where they failed or the times they missed the mark instead of noticing the things they did well. (Which is pretty normal when we take…

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Timboon effect adventures in positivity
The Timboon Effect – Building a strong community

The Timboon Effect occurs when several factors in a small town coincide to support and empower the community to be their best, both collectively and individually. Allow me to explain. Timboon is a small town in the South West corner of Victoria. With around 800 residents, many of which are…

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Why questioning your values is essential for happiness

Questioning your values is essential for happiness. Knowing and more importantly living your values creates happiness. Your values are the things you hold dear and place above all else in your life. If you haven’t consciously thought through your values, there’s a good chance you living the values dictated by…

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Build mental strength
5 Ways to build mental strength

To build mental strength you need a few key elements and I’d like to share 5 simple ways to help you build mental strength. Much like building up physical strength it takes work, but there’s a hard way and an easy way to go about it. Any time you’re working…

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Self Compassion_Jodie Cooper positive psychology coach and speaker. What is Self Compassion?
What is Self Compassion

I’m often asked “What is Self Compassion?” Well, to make it really simple, it’s being kind to yourself. It’s interesting how business works, it seems clients’ always come in clusters with similar challenges. With each group of clients I find there is a message for me, something pertinent that I…

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How Play changed my mind

I recently used the intervention of Play to improve my own personal wellbeing as an assignment, and I loved it. Here’s how it went…. Like most professionals, sometimes my life can become demanding. I have two children (aged 6 & 7), run my own business, am undertaking the MAPP, am…

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