Local is our future book summary by Jodie COoper _2024
“Local is Our Future” by Helena Norberg-Hodge – A book summary

“Local is Our Future” by Helena Norberg-Hodge is a compelling book offering localism as a solution to the world’s most pressing issues. Norberg-Hodge is an advocate for local economies, communities and sustainable living. She presents a thought-provoking argument for the importance of returning to a more local way of life.…

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Why Hope is Essential and How to Nurture It 5 _Jodie Cooper _ positive psychology coaching online wollongong
Why Hope is Essential and How to Nurture It in Our Complex Modern Society

In our fast-paced, complex modern society, hope is essential. Perhaps, more essential than it’s ever been before. I’ve been reading Humanity’s Moment by Joëlle Gergis, which is a climate scientists case for hope. It’s terrifying and optimistic. Devastating and inspiring. Overwhelming and exciting. To say there’s some conflicting emotions as…

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Practicing self compassion_Jodie Cooper_positive psychology coach and wellbeing workshops_2023
Practicing Self Compassion – to rebuild confidence

Practicing self compassion may well be one of the most important things you do this year. Too many people focus on what they do wrong, where they failed or the times they missed the mark instead of noticing the things they did well. (Which is pretty normal when we take…

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Play can help us deal with stress and become more resilient

Last year, Narelle Lemon and I graduated from our Masters of Applied Positive Psychology together. Funnily enough, on that first scary day at Uni almost three years ago, Narelle sat next to eachother and just clicked. We helped eachother through Uni and became firm friends in the process. Narelle has…

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Neuroplasticity 101
What is neuroplasticity? – (The 101 version please)

Until recently, it was thought that the brain was hardwired, growing throughout adolescents then becoming a stable, unalterable mass. Through modern research we now understand that the brain is more plastic in nature. Neuroplasticity describes how the brain can reorganise itself by forming new neural connections throughout ones’ life, consistently…

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Willpower – Why it matters and how to make it work for you

Narelle Lemon and I graduated from our Masters of Applied Positive Psychology together last year. We clicked instantly and have been helping eachother ever since. Narelle invited me to do a podcast with her about Willpower, why it’s important and how you can get the most out of your brain.…

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Nature enables wellbeing
How nature enables wellbeing and what we’re doing about it

Spending time in nature enables wellbeing The more time we spend in nature, the calmer and more content we’re becoming. But why? What is it about nature that supports our physical and mental health and how can we make it work in our busy lives. Noticing nature We’ve been travelling…

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Sean Cooper_ Planning adventures in positivity
Dealing with anxiety and uncertainty – Yep, me too.

Dealing with anxiety and uncertainty is something I’m working through at the moment. We now have under 6 weeks to pack up our home, rent it out (eeek, the photographer is coming tomorrow), finish my masters, sell my car and basically get our affairs in order before we head off on…

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Adventures in Positivity Jodie Coopers Family
A little idea and a big lap of Oz

Adventures in Positivity was a little idea I had over a year ago. A concept that has since sprouted and grown wings to gently reshape my business and hopefully, inspire others to play with the theories and science of positive psychology in their own lives. It’s time for a change.…

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Positive Mindsets for Professionals

Positive mindsets for professionals are essential and will help improve your mindset and create a more positive work environment. Given that the average employee is unproductive for around 25% of their working day (and often stressed for the other 75%) there’s a lot of room for improvement in the average…

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Self Compassion_Jodie Cooper positive psychology coach and speaker. What is Self Compassion?
What is Self Compassion

I’m often asked “What is Self Compassion?” Well, to make it really simple, it’s being kind to yourself. It’s interesting how business works, it seems clients’ always come in clusters with similar challenges. With each group of clients I find there is a message for me, something pertinent that I…

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