The Business of Happiness

Positive Leadership is about bringing out the best in people

In today’s fast paced society it’s hard enough to be happy when we’re on holidays, let along being happy at work! There are so many demands on our time. More often than not we feel overwhelmed and stressed just thinking about trying to reach that elusive goal of happiness.

The good news is: Happiness is no longer a pipe dream. It’s no longer a self help fad, and with the field of positive psychology, we’re exploring new ways to help individuals and organisations to flourish every day. Happiness is now more available than ever… and has the science to back it up.

Many of us see our work or careers as a path that leads to financial security and if we’re lucky, a little satisfaction along the way too. But what if work could become a place to find true fulfillment? Where you could really connect with like minded people, use your natural strengths where they are appreciated. Perhaps even make a positive difference in the world? Wouldn’t that be worth working towards?

For years society has believed that when we become successful, then we will become happy. Positive Psychology now demonstrates that success won’t actually make you any happier, in fact our happiness flat lines as our success increases. Becoming happier however, will increase your success across every domain in your life, including you career!

Happiness is not just possible, but fundamentally essential for your success. Whether your work is picking tea leaves, training police dogs or financial planning, your brain can become 31% more productive when you’re in a positive emotional state. Now that’s an advantage that we all need to take to our workplaces.