Meet the real Jodie Cooper

I’ve been working with a Social Media expert to improve my presence and she gave me a challenge. Get real, tell people who you really are and let them actually see the best and worst bits of your life. So…. Melinda’s given me 10 quick questions to answer and challenged me to turn it into a blog. Here goes nothing!

1. In a nutshell my job is: 

To help people get their head right so they can be more effective at work and happier in general!

2. I achieve my work/ life balance by:

Saying no. I have a bit of a rule that we only commit to one thing on a weekend so the rest of it can be just for us to chill out. I’m also blessed that I only work 3 days a week, so I guess I’ve really designed my life to make sure it stays in balance. (And even then, sometimes it’s still takes a nose dive into Busy-Busyland!)

3. I’m inspired by: 

Ummm. Mostly nature to be honest. Just being in nature leaves me in awe and feeling like I really want to be a better version of myself. I also read lots, and I LOVE!

4. My one piece of advice is: 

Make happiness a priority in your life. It’s just like a game of tennis, if you want to get good you need to learn the rules, practice it, and surround yourself with positive people that are on the same path.

5. I can’t get through the day without: 

Chocolate… OK, chocolate and cuddles… but seriously! Chocolate 😉 Ummm. Did someone say chocolate?

6. The best word to describe me would be: 

Geez, that’s tough? Perhaps ‘Odd’? The people that know me best think I’m a little crazy, but I can also polish up OK when I need to. But I like crazy, it keeps the fun alive and mixes things up. How about ‘Random?’ LOL.

7. Bet you never knew that I once: 

Was the sort of girl that threw grenades and fired rocket launchers in my spare time! (and LOVED IT!)

8. When I was 5 I dreamed of being: 

An Olympian Equestrian rider, or a stable hand. Anything at all where I could spend my day with horses.

9. The biggest challenge for me has been:

Believing that I can actually make a difference. Self doubt is tough to overcome, and none of us are immune. There were a number of times I wanted to throw in the towel and quit my coaching business and the only thing that kept me going was my Dad’s belief in me. Thanks Dad!

10. If I was stranded on a desert Island the 3 things I’d need to survive would be:

That’s easy. Fresh water and Hope. With hope I’d keep going indefinitely. And since I have one left I’d take Laura, my 4 year old daughter, she’d keep me entertained for months with her crazy antics! (I have no idea where she get’s it from!)

So… There you have it. A bit more about me, a little random, but hopefully a little more human too. My life certainly isn’t perfect! Far from it! But in learning about happiness and positive psychology I have become very good at noticing the perfect moments.

I hope you find a few little moments of perfect today too! xxx



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